You are exclusively invited to be the very first participants in the Class-ify Games! This is a one of a kind, global competition where you will have the chance to win £500 EVERY month!

…..Welcome to the Class-ify Global Games! 

A first of its kind, global competition open to the Class-ifam coaches and their clients. From Bolton to Brazil, we want to know if you’re ready for the challenge?!

The aim of the Games is to promote health and wellbeing to as many people as possible so we need you to get involved and play your part in keeping thousands, if not millions of people engaged in a more consistent, healthy lifestyle. 

With weekly and monthly cash prizes - and a whole load of merchandise up for grabs you and your clients would be mad to miss out. 


The Rules of Engagement 

1. A weekly challenge will be published every Monday on  @weareclassify Instagram Stories. Make sure you are following us!!

The challenge will be fitness related, for example, 'how many press ups in 30 seconds'.

2. All you have to do is complete the challenge.

 Take a pic or  video of yourself and share it on Instagram to your grid, your Stories or your Reels. Write your score, for example, '20 press ups in 30 seconds'. Tag @weareclassify and use the hashtag, #classifygames so that we know you have entered the competition. 

You don't have to publish the full video of you completing your challenge on your Instagram BUT in order for us to judge fairly, you need to DM the full video to us @weareclassify

4. We need to have seen and received your entry by 4pm on Thursday of the week the challenge was issued.

5. if you are a coach, we have provided a template for you to use which can be found below.

6. If you have any problems at all, DM us.

The winners of the final week of the month will be entered into a draw to win £500. In order to win the £500 you have to have completed all 4 weekly challenges.

We have designed the following template for you to add your challenge completion photo if you would like to!


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